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Mar 14, 2024

Transform your security posture to stop attacks before they happen using Microsoft's Security Exposure Management in Microsoft Defender. Identify and mitigate potential threats with a comprehensive view of your organization's attack surface, critical assets, and security events. Prioritize security efforts effectively with curated initiatives, automated alerts, and actionable insights, so you can close down vulnerabilities before they're exploited.

Brjann Brekkan, Microsoft’s Exposure Management Director, shows how to gain control over your security landscape and stay ahead of emerging threats.



00:00 - Prevent incidents before they happen 
00:39 - Unify data and signals with Security Exposure Management
02:07 - See the experience in the Microsoft Defender portal
02:56 - Identify business critical data and sensitive information
03:33 - Key initiatives
04:17 - Assign an initiative owner
05:07 - Visual mapping of potential attack paths 
07:05 - Wrap Up


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