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Mar 15, 2024

Protect data while getting the benefits of generative AI with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps and Microsoft Purview. Safeguard against shadow IT risks with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, unveiling hidden generative AI applications. Leverage Microsoft Purview to evaluate data exposure, automating policy enforcement for enhanced security. Ensure compliance with built-in data protections in Copilot for Microsoft 365, aligned with organizational policies set in Microsoft Purview, while maintaining trust and mitigating risks seamlessly across existing and future cloud applications.

Erin Miyake, Microsoft Purview's Principal Product Manager, shares how to take a unified approach to protecting your data.

00:00 - Secure your data for generative AI
01:16 - App level experiences
01:46 - Block based on data sensitivity
02:45 - Admin experience
03:57 - Microsoft Purview AI Hub
05:08 - Set up policies
05:53 - Tailor policies to your needs
06:35 - Set up AI Hub in Microsoft Purview
07:09 - Wrap Up


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