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Sep 26, 2023

Bring external data into your Microsoft 365 Copilot experience to ground generative AI results using connectors and plugins. Use Microsoft Graph connectors to integrate the data sources you want with Semantic Index for Copilot. This option pre-indexes defined read-only information used for retrieval with your prompts to drive the most relevant AI-generated responses. Use managed and trusted plugins, such as OpenAI plugins, Microsoft Teams message extensions, and Power Platform connectors. Instead of pre-indexing information, plugins optimize for real-time API based data retrieval, and they can optionally write-back data.

Mary David Pasch, Microsoft 365 Copilot Principal Product Manager, shares how both options follow Microsoft’s comprehensive security, compliance, and privacy approach, while respecting defined boundaries within your organization’s data services and can work together when responding to a single prompt.


00:00 - Bring in external data with Copilot

01:08 - Use a connector and plugin simultaneously

02:45 - See how it works 03:56 - Semantic Index demo

04:55 - Data retrieval with Copilot using connectors

06:19 - Data retrieval with Copilot using plugins

07:23 - Plugins code and how they work

08:45 - Wrap up

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