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Apr 24, 2023

Detect data loss, exfiltration, and data theft with intelligent automation solutions in Microsoft Purview. Data lives across apps, databases, and in file sharing locations inside and outside your infrastructure. It can be stored on devices and removable media, and it travels with each interaction. Secure data with a scalable and automated approach— discover and understand the growing volume of sensitive data, apply protections that follow data wherever it lives or travels, take preventative action when there’s a risk of data loss, and elevate or lower data protections based on individual users to balance productivity with data security.

Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention, and Insider Risk Management provide a unified platform in Microsoft Purview for intelligent, automated data protection.


00:00 - Introduction

00:45 - Intelligent data security

01:29 - Information Protection

01:53 - Data Loss Prevention

02:22 - Insider Risk Management

03:00 - Example of information protection

03:55 - Wrap up

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