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May 25, 2023

Work with your data in place, wherever it resides, with Microsoft Fabric, our next generation data analytics service powered by one of the first true multi-cloud data lakes, called OneLake. Go from raw data to meaningful insights over data spread across your organization and in other clouds in seconds—without moving it.

Microsoft Fabric provides a single integrated service that includes data integration capabilities, data engineering for shaping your data, data warehousing, the ability to build data science models, real time analytics, and business intelligence. Data from these different experiences is brought together by one unified data lake for your organization, OneLake, and is accessible regardless of the engine used. 

Justyna Lucznik, Principal Group PM for Microsoft Fabric, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how to make your organizational data more accessible.

00:00 - Introduction
01:47 - Unified data in OneLake
03:05 - Personalized experiences for data professionals
04:43 - How to get started with Microsoft Fabric
06:06 - Shortcuts capability in OneLake
07:35 - Native Windows Explorer integration
09:15 - Collaboration and shared work space
10:04 - LLMs and Copilot for model creation
11:33 - SQL Analyst experience
12:53 - Business user experience
14:06 - Wrap up

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