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Apr 27, 2023

Configure Azure Virtual Desktop with the enterprise-grade configurations you’ll want in place for secure authentication, improved connectivity, flexible user data, and service resiliency. If you're new to Azure Virtual Desktop, check out our overview and quick setup videos in the our playlist at

In this show, we cover:
- Your options using Azure Active Directory to achieve single sign on and passwordless authentication
- The newest experiences for using Web Authentication (WebAuthn) to redirect additional authentication factors to local devices
- RDP Shortpath to optimize connectivity to remote hosts
- Your options using FSLogix to manage profile containers
- Architecting your Azure Virtual Desktop configuration for resiliency, and
- Using Confidential Computing virtual machines to meet even the highest security requirements

00:00 - Azure Virtual Desktop enterprise configurations
00:34 - Secure Authentication options in Azure Virtual Desktop
02:15 - Optimizing Connectivity to Azure Virtual Desktop hosts
03:12 - FSLogix user profile container options
05:12 - Architecting for high availability and service resiliency
06:58 - Confidential computing in Azure Virtual Desktop

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Azure Virtual Desktop playlist on Mechanics:

Azure Virtual Desktop connectivity options:

FSLogix High Availability configuration guidance:

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