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Dec 7, 2023

Enable secure access to all your private on-prem and cloud resources, beyond what you can do with traditional VPNs, with Microsoft Entra Private Access, part of Microsoft’s Security Service Edge solution. Private Access takes an identity-centric Zero Trust Network Access approach, and leverages the Conditional Access policy engine to assess risk in real time using identity, device, and application signals, and apply additional network conditions to protect any apps or resources, such as file shares or virtual machines.

Ashish Jain, Principal Group PM for Microsoft Entra, shares how Microsoft Entra adds Security Service Edge controls for private connections that you'll find under Global Secure Access in the Microsoft Entra admin center.


00:00 - Secure access to all private apps and resources
01:31 - Global Secure Access
02:27 - Set up private app access without using a VPN
03:34 - MFA with Conditional Access policies
05:24 - Connect to infrastructure resources on prem
07:03 - Connect from a mobile device
09:09 - Wrap up


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