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Apr 21, 2022

How do you manage insider risk with your staff? What are some of the employee actions that can be automatically discovered? Now, with more and more organizations now supporting hybrid work scenarios and managing employee turnover, insider risk of employee data theft is higher than ever.

In this show, Talhah Mir, lead engineer on the insider risk solutions team at Microsoft, joins Jeremy Chapman to walk through the latest privacy-enabled insider risk management solutions, now part of Microsoft Purview. They’ll show you how these use machine learning to automatically identify high risk incidents such as data theft, and how it provides the context and workflow you need for the right stakeholders to take appropriate actions.


00:00 - What Insider Risk Management in Microsoft Purview?
00:35 - Is the "Great Resignation" impacting insider risk?
02:48 - How to manage insider risk of employee data theft?
11:20 - How to maintain internal communication compliance?
13:33 - How to get started with Microsoft Purview

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