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Dec 7, 2023

Keep your users, devices and data protected with Microsoft Entra Security Service Edge Internet Access. Combine identity and access management along with network access controls to help protect iInternet-based resources. Protections are context aware, made possible by deep integration with Conditional Access policies, with risk assessed in real time across identity, device, location, and applications, to protect ANY app or resource. See how Microsoft Entra Internet Access helps prevent sophisticated token theft attacks and insider data exfiltration to untrusted sites, including logging into unallowed sites that might increase your risk.

Camila Martins, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Entra, shows policies you can set as an admin and the user experience with protections in place - right from the Global Secure Access controls in the Microsoft Entra admin center.



00:00 - Keep users, devices, and data protected
01:20 - Token theft demo
02:09 - How it works as a user
03:00 - How the policy prevents data exfiltration
03:48 - Protect against malicious insider attacks
05:00 - See a policy in action
06:01 - Block sites that inhibit productivity
06:53 - Add Conditional Access policies
08:24 - Wrap up


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