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Dec 11, 2023

Build, test, deploy, and monitor your generative AI apps at scale from one place with Azure AI Studio. Access models in the Azure OpenAI service from Meta, NVIDIA and Microsoft Research, as well hundreds of open-source models. Integrate your own data across multiple data sets to ground your model, which is made easier through direct integration with OneLake in Microsoft Fabric. It uses shortcuts to let you bring in virtualized data sets across your data estate without having to move them.

Use Azure AI Studio for full lifecycle development from a unified playground for prompt engineering, to pre-built Azure AI skills to build multi-modal applications, using language, vision, and speech, as well as Search, which includes hybrid with semantic ranking for more precise information retrieval. Test your AI applications for quality and safety with built-in evaluation, and use a prompt flow tool for custom orchestration, as well as overarching controls with Responsible AI content filters for safety. Seth Juarez, Principal Program Manager for Azure AI, gives you an overview of Azure AI Studio.



00:00 - Build your own copilots in Azure AI Studio
01:52 - Copilot app running as a chatbot|
03:53 - Retrieval augmented generation grounded on your data
04:54 - Experiment with prompts: Multi-modality
06:47 - Advanced capabilities: Prompt flow
08:58 - Ensure quality and safety of responses
10:09 - Wrap up


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