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Sep 5, 2023

Identify, classify, and protect information at scale using Microsoft Purview's AI-powered classifiers. Gain visibility into the data inside of your organization and apply the right protections, especially important if you intend to use generative AI to create content based on the information accessible on your network.

Microsoft Purview's AI-powered classifiers are extensively pre-trained and tested on vast categories of business data and Microsoft domain-specific knowledge, as well as synthetic data and sample files generated from large language models to detect sensitive content. Because these classifiers run on Microsoft's AI supercomputer, with its specialized hardware and software stack, your sensitive information can be classified and protected at unparalleled speed and scale.

Tony Themelis, Microsoft Purview’s Principal Product Manager, shares how to keep data inside your organization protected and continuously compliant as you work.


00:00 - How to keep data in your organization protected

01:12 - Policy tips & sensitivity labels

03:50 - How to build an automated policy

06:14 - 360 degree view of discovered sensitive information

07:15 - Create a custom classifier

08:58 - Fingerprint-based sensitive information type

09:36 - Wrap up

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