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Jul 6, 2022

Simplify your Kubernetes experience, without compromising the power of what it can do. If you're experienced or new to cloud-native apps, you'll get a closer look at the recent updates for Azure Kubernetes Service to improve and streamline the developer experience, with the new open-source Draft bootstrapping tool, to containerize and prepare your apps for deployment, along with the new managed Kubernetes Event Driven Autoscaler – or KEDA.

And for operators, we’ll share how you can now run Kubernetes in ARM-based VMs, and Windows Server 2022 node pools, as well as storage driver and traffic optimizations in Azure to speed up performance.

Join Jorge Palma, Principal PM Lead, from the Azure Kubernetes Service Team and Jeremy Chapman as they walk you through the benefits and details of building, scaling and operating Kubernetes workloads in Azure.


00:00 Intro to recent updates for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
01:49 What are Smart Defaults and how do they help you get started?
03:39 What is the fastest way to get an app running on Kubernetes?
04:57 How does the Draft bootstrapping tool make Kubernetes easier?
09:58 What is Azure managed Grafana and how does it improve monitoring
10:38 Kubernetes can target Windows Server 2022 and ARM-based VMs
11:06 Performance updates to storage drivers

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