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Nov 2, 2020

Options for very low latency networking with Azure Edge Zones. It brings Azure's global network fabric into local metro area data centers, provided by Microsoft or with mobile carriers, and onto 5G and 4G LTE networks, so your processing power is local to your users. Edge Zones is a turnkey solution for running your own private mobile network with dedicated bandwidth managed by Azure. Join Matt McSpirit, Microsoft Azure’s Senior Product Manager, for an overview of Azure Edge Zones and the three main options available to you for very low latency networking:

• Azure Edge Zones

Allows you to deploy apps and services and your IoT device infrastructure to a Metro Azure Data Center, close to where your users are. In the same way you're used to pulling your apps and services to a region in Azure, you can now deploy them to available Azure Edge Zones.

• Azure Edge Zones with Carrier

You can deploy your apps and services to a Carrier Hosted Edge Zone. The goal of this approach is to ensure that as your code runs in Azure Edge Zones with Carriers, it's only a single hop from the mobile 5G or 4G network of your users. Because your apps and services can be deployed locally across the carriers edge network, they can remain close to the users and their devices at all times, greatly reducing app response times to deliver superior user experiences. •

 Azure Private Edge Zones

Great if you want to connect to manage your IoT devices, or establish dedicated networking and compute scenarios like smart warehousing and more. With Azure Private Edge Zones, you can build and deploy your own Private Mobile Network.


00:00 - Introduction

01:39 - Azure Edge Zones

02:08 - Azure Edge Zones with Carrier

03:43 - Azure Private Edge Zones

04:30 - Building block approach

06:14 - Attabotics: Real world example of Azure Private Edge Zones

07:00 - What role does 5G play?

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• Learn more about Edge Zones and see the current list of partners by visiting

• Find latency solutions at

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