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May 13, 2021

Adopt a Zero Trust approach for security and benefit from the core ways in which Microsoft can help. In the past, your defenses may have been focused on protecting network access with on-premises firewalls and VPNs, assuming everything inside the network was safe. But as corporate data footprints have expanded to sit outside your corporate network, to live in the Cloud or a hybrid across both, the Zero Trust security model has evolved to address a more holistic set of attack vectors.

Based on the principles of “verify explicitly”, “apply least privileged access” and “always assume breach”, Zero Trust establishes a comprehensive control plane across multiple layers of defense:

Identity: Azure Active Directory assigns identity and conditional access controls for your people, the service accounts used for apps and processes, and your devices.

Endpoints: Microsoft Endpoint Manager assures devices and their installed apps meet your security and compliance policy requirements

Applications: Microsoft Endpoint Manager can be used to configure and enforce policy management. Microsoft Cloud App Security can discover and manage Shadow IT services in use.

Network: Get a number of controls, including Network Segmentation, Threat protection, and Encryption.

Infrastructure: Azure landing zones, Blueprints and Policies can ensure newly deployed infrastructure meets compliance requirements for cloud resources. Azure Security Center and Log Analytics help with configuration and software update management for on-premises, cross-cloud and cross-platform infrastructure. Data Limit data access to only the people and processes that need it.


00:00 - Introduction

00:37 - Six layers of defense

02:31 - Identity

03:48 - Endpoints

04:48 - Applications

05:46 - Network

06:36 - Infrastructure

07:18 - Data

08:11 - Wrap Up

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