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Sep 30, 2019

Windows Virtual Desktop is now released and ready for production! On today's show, Scott Manchester demonstrates WVD at general availability and what's coming. We'll show what the WVD team is doing to revolutionize app delivery with App Attach. This is a new way to deliver apps to WVD virtual machines without installing or streaming app binaries into VMs, but instead attaching to MSIX-based app packages stored in file shares - so they 'feel' installed to Windows and appear and work as if installed to WVD users. We also show AV redirect in Microsoft Teams, to optimize video and audio delivery between clients, by eliminating 'hops' normally needed to encode and decode AV streams between clients and VMs. Finally, using Azure NetApp Files, we'll show you an easy way to lift-and-shift file share volumes directly into Azure, so they retain file and folder permissions, paths, and classic manageability.

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