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Nov 18, 2023

Provide powerful Windows experiences on any device based on individual needs. Get a unified experience from the Windows App:

  • Windows 365- provision Cloud PCs from Intune and manage them just like physical devices, and users get a full, secure desktop accessible from any device, anywhere. 
  • Microsoft Dev Box- provision cloud-based developer workstations for specific projects, that can be customized with the tools and the code you need. 
  • Azure Virtual Desktop-provision and manage full virtual desktops and remote apps. Choose any VM configuration and deploy multi-session shared VMs. 

New to Windows 365, take a closer look at options for more powerful GPU-enabled Cloud PCs, as well as AI-powered Cloud PC re-sizing recommendations. Scott Manchester, who leads the team for Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop at Microsoft, highlights all the latest updates to Windows 365.


00:00 - Unified access with the Windows App
00:53 - Behind the experience
01:55 - See it on a Mac
03:12 - Security controls
04:02 - Browser experience
04:58 - Connect to Cloud PC with a mobile device
05:47 - Updates to Windows 365- use GPU-enabled Cloud PCs
07:56 - Cloud PC sizing recommendations
09:36 - Wrap up


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