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Dec 14, 2022

For your next application, leverage large-scale, generative AI models with a deep understanding of language and code, using Azure’s OpenAI service. Interact with models using natural language, prompts, and few-shot learning. Use the Azure OpenAI Studio to experiment and test your models before bringing them into your code to deliver differentiated app experiences, all with Azure’s enterprise-grade security built-in.

Build new experiences with models:
GPT-3 generates content based on natural language input
Codex translates natural language instructions directly into code
DALL-E 2 generates realistic images and art from natural language descriptions

Pablo Castro, Distinguished Engineer and part of the Azure AI team, joins Jeremy Chapman for an in-depth look at Azure’s OpenAI service.


00:00 - Introduction

01:06 - Azure’s OpenAI service

02:44 - Practical examples of OpenAI

05:23 - Integrate OpenAI models into everyday apps

09:32 - Building a custom app from scratch

11:57 - The OpenAI Studio in Azure

13:41 - The Playground

16:02 - Wrap up

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Start with Designer preview at

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