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Mar 16, 2022

The new Teams Phone Operator Connect Mobile service is an industry first that lets you use a single SIM-enabled mobile phone number across your company provided mobile, desk phone, and Microsoft Teams. This is enterprise-grade security and consistent call quality as you move between mobile voice and data networks. Mahendra Sekaran, VP of Program Management for Microsoft Teams, joins Jeremy Chapman to share the quick admin steps to set up the first fixed mobile convergence productivity solution for business.

- Instead of two business numbers, use and pay for just one SIM-enabled mobile number

- Uplift from a voice-only call to a Teams call. Add video, people, and share content

- As an admin, assign a SIM-enabled phone number to your employees, set policies for enterprise-grade security


00:00 - Introduction
00:46 - Operator Connect Mobile
01:42 - Teams integration
03:35 - See how it works
05:49 - Additional integrations
06:18 - Admin setup and policy setting
08:15 - Wrap up

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