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Jun 7, 2022

Are you using spreadsheets to manage your regulatory compliance now? You can modernize the process and reduce the time it takes to decipher and comply with regulations that impact your organization. Compliance Manager in Microsoft Purview breaks down compliance criteria to actionable control and manual processes for over 350 regulations and standards globally.

If you're concerned about security and data protection, compliance should also be your concern. Think about cases where data is maintained for 12 months and you've accumulated it for over 10 or 20 years; this makes an attack surface 10 or 20 times larger than it needs to be. And from a regulatory standpoint, in many respects, the risk of not hitting compliance requirements can be far more damaging than a data breach.

When you put in place or meet the majority of compliance requirements, this can lead to a greater protection response of security and privacy threats in the future. Compliance Manager gives you precise guidance on the capabilities you can turn on in Microsoft and other cloud services to meet specific requirements without relying on interpretation.

You can digitize the workflow for collaborating with others in your organization while assigning and documenting actions, including any manual processes. All of which makes it easier to prepare for auditors.

Join Daniel Hidalgo from the Microsoft Purview team and Jeremy Chapman as they walk you through the benefits and details of Compliance Manager in Microsoft Purview.


00:00 Introduction to Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager
00:58 Why you want to use Compliance Manager
03:18 How to assess you compliance
05:22 Run assessment based on specific regulation or a standard
06:16 Check compliance regardless of service (Google Cloud, Okta, Salesforce)
09:38 Collaboration experience of Compliance Manager
11:01 Allocating permissions
11:33 Setting up alerts
12:24 Export materials to auditors
13:04 How to stay up to date with regulation changes
13:48 How to sign up for Compliance Manager in Microsoft Purview

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