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Nov 15, 2018

Demo-packed tour of modern compute options in Azure with tips on how to plan, build or move your apps to the cloud presented by CVP of Azure Compute, Corey Sanders.

He describes your options to both deploy and manage your workloads so you can quickly lift and shift your apps using virtual machines and IaaS or modernize them by re-architecting or completely rebuilding them using serverless options or micro-service based solutions. Corey also demonstrates Azure Container Instances with new burst compute capabilities and Service Fabric Mesh - a new option well-suited for .NET developers to simply bring your code without the need to manage or scale underlying compute infrastructure.

Session THR2325 - Filmed Tuesday, September 25, 16:00 EDT at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando, Florida.

Subject Matter Expert:
Sanders is responsible for the product and strategy of the Azure Compute team. He has been in the Azure team for 9 years and Microsoft for 14 years. Corey was the creator of Azure Virtual Machines (Infrastructure-as-a-service) and his service responsibilities now include Azure Virtual Machines (both Windows and Linux), Containers, Kubernetes, Service Fabric, Event Grid, Service Bus, and Batch Computing. The Azure revenue for the services Corey is responsible for exceeds $2 billion (yearly run rate). Corey is also responsible for the compute technology supporting large Microsoft internal services like Bing. Prior to Azure, Corey spent five years as a developer in the Windows Serviceability team. In Windows Serviceability, Corey owned networking, kernel, and install technologies of all released versions of Windows.