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Mar 8, 2021

Review the latest governance capabilities in Microsoft’s Power Platform, including more granular data loss prevention controls and enhanced visibility through new tenant-wide built-in analytics.

Power Platform makes it easy for anyone to build rich experiences around their data, apps, and processes, and integrate them with the apps they use every day. While this adds value to the business and developers, governance and productivity must be balanced. Microsoft CVP, Charles Lamanna, joins Jeremy Chapman to give you all the controls to support the shift to low-code development safely.

Visibility: Out-of-the-box analytics allow you to easily discover and monitor flows and apps and how they're being used.

Connector Action Control: A new feature to create more granular controls over the actions you can allow or deny.

Endpoint Filtering, Tenant Isolation, Block Email Exfiltration: For more control over what's permitted or blocked.

Out-of-box Analytics: Track adoption usage and health monitoring across Dataverse, Power Automate, and Power Apps. See which apps are being used across your environments, and quickly spot best performing apps.

Troubleshooting & Diagnostics: Run your own diagnostics and troubleshooting using data about your app included out-of-the-box.


00:00 - Introduction

03:21 - Visibility

04:35 - Granular controls: Connector Action Control

06:24 - Endpoint filtering

08:04 - Out-of-box analytics

08:56 - Troubleshooting and diagnostics

11:01 - Wrap Up

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