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Jul 7, 2021

Apply zero trust principles and policies to your network and infrastructure with this essentials episode. It's a high-level overview of the principles of the Zero Trust security model, spanning identity, endpoints, applications, networks, infrastructure, and data.

Your network and its underlying configuration provides secure access to your resources. Infrastructure, whether on premises servers, local or cloud hosted VMs, containers, storage, or PaaS databases, all represent a critical threat vector. Jeremy Chapman, Director of Microsoft 365, walks you through how to apply the core Zero Trust tenets of verify explicitly, apply least privileged access, and assume breach for each of these layers, along with your options.

00:00 - Introduction
00:42 - Network: Verify explicitly
02:21 - Network: Least privileged access and assume breach
04:20 - Infrastructure: Verify explicitly
05:56 - Infrastructure: Least privileged access and assume breach
08:48 - Wrap up

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