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Dec 3, 2020

Azure Synapse is now generally available. Check out the updates with the release and a first look at additional capabilities coming soon. If you're new to Azure Synapse, it's Microsoft's limitless analytics platform that brings together enterprise data warehousing and big data processing into a single managed environment with no systems integration required. John Macintyre, engineering lead for Azure Synapse, joins host Jeremy Chapman to provide details on the newest updates, and walk through how a grocery retailer might use new capabilities in Synapse to plan inventory levels.

Preview capabilities in the Synapse workspace now ready for production workloads:

• Azure Synapse Link, the first cloud-native HTAP solution.

• SQL Serverless, now generally available.

• For analytics with Spark, we've built performance optimizations for our implementation of Apache spark.

New capabilities, formerly in preview, are now available and fully supported:

• New knowledge center gives you pipeline templates to bring data in sample scripts for analytics, automation, and notebooks.

• Bring data into Synapse for advanced analytics and to enrich that data in code-free ways and apply your Azure machine-learning models.

Added for data admins:

• Connect to your data and storage securely through managed private endpoints.

• You no longer have to manage subnets, worry about IP ranges, or configure private endpoints. You don't need deep networking knowledge.


00:00 - Introduction

00:46 - Preview capabilities now ready for production workloads

02:07 - New capabilities that are available and fully supported

02:55 - Updates added for data admins

04:15 - Demo: How a Grocery retailer might use new capabilities in Synapse

08:59 - Demo: How to bring in historical data

10:28 - Demo: How to perform predictive analytics for yourself

12:48 - Demo: How to push it all into production

13:24 - Closing notes

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