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Feb 20, 2020

The top considerations and options. Upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. This video is for two groups: organizations that want to adopt Microsoft Teams and need to transition users from Skype for Business, and organizations staying ahead of Skype for Business Online retirement in 2021.

No matter the path you choose, if you follow this guide, no user will miss a chat message, and every meeting will be accessible, whether that’s from Skype or Teams.

Mentioned links: Teams Automatic Upgrade For smaller organizations that do not have hybrid or on-premises dependencies and are using Skype for Business Online only. Great benefit if you don’t have dedicated IT staff.

Microsoft Teams end-user and IT Admin capabilities A full overview, including security and compliance benefits.

Exchange & Microsoft Teams configuration. Microsoft supports Exchange running on-premises, but there is configuration needed.

Network configurations for Microsoft Teams Find recommendations for the right network configurations such as having common TCP and UDP ports open.

Hybrid configuration with Skype for Business Online Steps using PowerShell

Read these considerations A text overview of the top considerations for your upgrade from Skype to Teams.

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There is more to come. Keep checking back to watch the series on Microsoft Teams for IT, where next, we’ll go deeper on how to implement your Skype for Teams upgrade and end user training here on Microsoft Mechanics at