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Jan 26, 2022

Updates to the managed, limitless scale, NoSQL Azure Cosmos DB database. For your smaller apps, get the best cost performance with the new serverless option for on-demand querying and the Azure Cosmos DB free tier for provisioned throughput. For larger workloads, embed and partition your data, and leverage autoscale for cost optimizations. Estefani Arroyo, Azure Cosmos DB Program Manager, joins host Jeremy Chapman to share updates and benefits of Azure Cosmos DB.

Run smaller apps for less than $1/month, pay only by operation
Increase scalability and multi-region support with provisioned throughput
Choose the best partition key- evenly spread operations and data across partitions
Run applications efficiently with autoscale throughput


00:00 - Introduction
00:44 - How is Azure Cosmos DB different?
02:32 - Scale out architecture
04:33 - Example of new serverless option
06:43 - Free tier and provisioned throughput
07:27 - Run NoSQL workloads at scale
09:58 - Partitioning with partition keys
12:04 - How to identify the cause of throttling
13:42 - Autoscale
15:20 - Wrap up

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