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Jun 3, 2024

Quickly spot real-time indicators of issues as they unfold, without the need to poll or manually monitor changes in your data and without writing a single line of code. That’s what the new Real-Time Intelligence service in Microsoft Fabric is all about. It extends Microsoft Fabric to the world of streaming data across your IoT and operational systems. Whether you are a data analyst or business user, you can easily explore high-granularity, high-volume data and spot issues before they impact your business. And as a Data engineer, you can more easily track system level changes across your data estate to manage and improve your pipelines.

Courtney Berg, from the Microsoft Fabric product team, joins Jeremy Chapman to explore all of the updates, explain how Real-Time Intelligence adds to what was possible with Data Activator and Microsoft Synapse Real-Time Analytics and demonstrates how this would work to derive insights and take actions automatically in a scenario with multiple live data streams across different data types.

00:00 - Real-Time Intelligence
00:54 - How it’s different
02:07 - Eventstream and Real-Time Hub
03:27 - Synapse Real-Time Analytics
04:03 - See it in action
05:25 - Use Copilot to stay updated
06:28 - Filter data and set up alerts
08:25 - Sophisticated Logic and Data Integration
09:48 - Data integration to Real-Time Hub
- Workflow automation
12:18 - System events
13:30 - Additional areas of use for Real-Time Intelligence
14:02 - Wrap up


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