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Mar 29, 2023

Investigate and contain sophisticated attacks in real-time using updates to Microsoft’s integrated XDR solutions. Get an inside look at a multi-stage and multi-cloud incident inspired by real tactics, techniques, and procedures in Microsoft Sentinel, and visibility into the attack sequence and timeline of alerts with Microsoft 365 Defender. Use Threat Intelligence to investigate and stop threat actors in their tracks with real-time threat disruption, and automate mitigations to contain the damage.

Microsoft cybersecurity expert and CVP, Rob Lefferts, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how to navigate fast-moving cyber attacks that can span across clouds and infrastructure.


00:00 - Introduction

00:59 - Streamline workflow across security teams

02:25 - Demo: See a sophisticated attack in action

04:24 - How to prioritize where to start

07:14 - Investigate an attack

10:35 - Microsoft Defender

13:36 - Wrap up

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