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May 24, 2021

Take a look at the new Microsoft Viva Connections, part of your Microsoft 365 subscription, that provides a curated, company branded experience in the context of the apps used every day, like Microsoft Teams. Adam Harmetz, lead engineer, joins host Jeremy Chapman to walk through the user experience, how to set it up, and options for personalizing information sharing by role.

If you're new to Microsoft Viva, it comprises four modules that deliver new employee experiences across knowledge, communications, resources, learning and insights. These leverage the foundational technologies of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph, and AI to deliver a modern employee experience platform.

Viva Connections is specifically about boosting employee engagement. This spans everyone in your organization, from everyday users, specific groups in departments, to frontline workers. It expands on your SharePoint home site and newsfeed and is designed to offer a destination that delivers personalized news, conversations, and commonly used resources.


00:00 - Introduction
01:45 - Desktop UX
02:24 - Web UX
03:32 - How to set it up through PowerShell
05:54 - Mobile UX
07:26 - How to build adaptive cards
09:40 - Audience targeting
10:34 - How to get started
11:15 - Wrap up

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