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Sep 28, 2020

Walk through Microsoft Teams Rooms setup, admin configurations, and getting your in-room consoles connected. Microsoft Teams Room combines a digital workspace for Microsoft Teams with dedicated Microsoft certified devices to enable first class meeting experiences, whether you're joining remotely or from in the room. Hardware options are available that range from simple integrated sound bars with a streamlined set of components, to larger systems that include multiple microphones, speakers, cameras and displays.

Join Jeremy Chapman as he focuses on the setup and configuration of a medium-sized room connecting to Microsoft 365 base services using Azure Active Directory authentication.

► Quick Links:

01:03 - Start with our in-room configuration.

02:38 - Move on to the Service Configuration in Microsoft 365.

04:35 - Walk through a setup for connecting Microsoft Teams using cloud-based authentication.

05:20 - Dive into a few optional configurations to tailor the system to your needs.

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To make sure your access to Microsoft 365 is set up correctly, you can reference

For detailed guidance in additional configuration options, check out

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