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Jan 13, 2022

You'll see recent and upcoming updates to Teams for frontline workers and admins. Timely communication and access to information on the ground makes for faster decision making and leads to increased job satisfaction. We're building distinct frontline experiences crafted for Teams to bring the whole workforce together to communicate and collaborate on one unified platform. Microsoft Team's Vice President, Kristina Behr, joins Jeremy Chapman to share updates for using Teams on the frontline.

New mobile app experiences with Microsoft Viva Connections
Updates to the Teams Walkie Talkie experience for frontline workers to connect and collaborate on the go
Simplified provisioning and device management experiences for admin supporting frontline staff
New APIs and connectors to integrate
Teams with your existing workforce management solutions


00:00 - Introduction
00:46 - Core frontline worker capabilities in Teams
03:17 - Improvements on Teams mobile app (Viva Connections)
04:45 - Walkie Talkie updates
05:50 - Admin experience: Mobile device management updates
07:09 - New onboarding wizard
10:15 - How prepopulated policy package works
11:52 - Integrate Teams with custom apps
13:02 - What’s next for Teams for frontline workers?
13:51 - Wrap up

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