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Dec 1, 2021

Set up Microsoft Teams Essentials, our new most affordable option. Get the best of Teams with easy instant meetings for anyone — whether they have Teams or not. The Microsoft Teams Essentials experience starts at just $4 per user per month with no meeting time limits. Jeremy Chapman, Microsoft 365 Director, walks you through step-by-step setup options.

• Sync your existing calendar with Teams. Configure email to be delivered to both Google and Microsoft services with dual delivery.
• Use Teams without migrating your mailboxes to the cloud. Allow read and write access across calendars in your on-prem mailboxes when using Microsoft Exchange.
• Experience rich online meetings with video and voice, chat-based collaboration with everyone on your team, your customers, or your partners
• Easily share your screen or other content with anyone in the meeting, and work simultaneously on documents in the Microsoft Office experience.


00:00 - Introduction
01:31 - Setup options
02:19 - Paths to deploy Teams Essentials
04:07 - Walk through configuration
05:42 - Sync calendars with Teams
09:18 - Route mail from Microsoft 365 to Gmail
10:17 - Set up mail flow rules
11:34 - Wrap up

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Check out setup options and sign up for the service at
Find a Microsoft certified partner near you at
If you are the partner or looking to tackle this yourself, go to
To learn more, check out

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