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Feb 2, 2022

Build and deploy container-based apps and microservices at scale, with the new fully managed Azure Container Apps service. Jeff Hollan, serverless technology expert for Microsoft Azure, joins Jeremy Chapman to show the benefits and how it works under the covers.

Microservices help teams build and deliver apps faster and more scalable than traditional architectures. Containers are a core piece of tech when building microservices, because they provide a consistent way to package and run microservice code anywhere. You can still run containers and microservices in Azure, but rather than having to do it directly with Kubernetes, get it up and running quickly using Azure Container Apps.


00:00 - Introduction
00:44 - Why use containers and microservices?
03:08 - How Azure Container Apps service differs
05:35 - How it works
07:40 - Modernize existing apps
10:03 - Benefits of modernizing to container apps
11:46 - Wrap up

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