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Mar 1, 2022

Specially built for businesses with up to 300 employees, go beyond traditional AV to proactively protect your devices, to help prevent attacks, and respond to sophisticated threats with the newly announced Microsoft Defender for Business. If you're a partner, see how you can get a unified dashboard for managing multiple customers in one view with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse. Security CVP, Rob Lefferts, joins Jeremy Chapman to show you quick steps anyone can take to set it up.

- Designed especially for businesses up to 300 employees
- Auto detect and remediate majority of threats
- Monitor threats in real-time


00:00 - Introduction
01:59 - How is Defender different?
03:34 - Walk through the experience
06:55 - What happens during an attack
10:43 - Logged actions
11:18 - Defender for Microsoft IT partners
14:21 - Wrap up

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