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Nov 10, 2020

See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce supports you in the execution of your digital sales strategy with unified, intelligent, and personalized customer shopping experiences. This includes streamlining your existing supply chain and adding more resiliency. We'll show you how Dynamics 365 Commerce provides a unified experience between your organization and your customers, how it enables centralized operations, and what it takes to set it up. As a modern solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce:

• Shows intelligent product recommendations when customers visit your eCommerce site.

• Gives customers a personalized experience by accessing their purchase history, shipping information, feedback, ratings and reviews.

• Integrates with Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, allowing you to run risk diagnostic reports and implement rules that leverage Microsoft's adaptive AI to react to fraud.

• Comes with powerful analytics that allow your business users to review purchasing patterns across online and in-store purchases and see how specific locations are performing.

Vanessa Fournier, Dynamics 365 Group Product Manager, shows you how Dynamics 365 Commerce enables intelligent and personalized interactions across your sales channels, all while protecting against fraud and ensuring increased resiliency.


00:00 - Introduction

01:53 - Components that make it possible: ERP system & Common Data Service (CDS)

02:50 - Core components: Commerce HQ & API Integration

03:23 - Key channels: Online, Point of sale, & Call center

04:26 - Leverage Customer Insights

05:00 - Your eCommerce website

06:11 - Point of Sale (POS) experiences

08:12 - Drive down costs with Fraud Protection

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