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Jan 9, 2019

What’s changed for Office client deployment, with Click-to-Run, now the only installation option for Office. See what gets better with the new Office Client Policy Service and the Office Customization Tool...including fast and predictable removal of previously installed MSI packages and how combined with System Center Configuration Manager you get a greatly improved and single integrated process for Office deployment with Click-to-Run. If you’ve deployed Office client for your organization in the past, you’ll know that with previous versions of Office there were two primary paths for installation, you could choose to either deploy a version of Office with MSI packaging or a version of Office using Click-to-Run packaging. Many of you may have chosen to use the MSI package. It’s familiar, had great customization options, and an affinity with volume activation. Moving forward all current versions of Office, including Visio and Project will only use Click-to-Run for installation and with our new tools you can still perform granular configurations.