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May 17, 2021

Take a deep dive on Microsoft Viva Topics, which uses AI to organize information into accessible knowledge within the apps and services you use every day. Walk through the admin experience for setup, as well as the controls available to publish and curate topic pages and ensure content accuracy. CJ Tan, Lead Program Manager, joins host Jeremy Chapman to cover the overall experience for users, knowledge managers, and admins.

If you're new to Microsoft Viva, it comprises four modules that deliver new employee experiences across knowledge, communications, resources, learning and insights. These leverage the foundational technologies of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Graph, and AI to deliver a modern employee experience platform.

Viva Topics builds a system that transforms information into knowledge and actively delivers it to you in the context of your work. As many of us are working remotely or in more hybrid office environments, it can be harder to stay informed. With Topics, we connect you to the knowledge and the people closest to it.


00:00 - Introduction

01:45 - See how Topics works

03:46 - AI behind the scenes

04:57 - Knowledge manager experience

07:47 - User experience

09:25 - Admin experience- how to set it up

10:58 - Protect sensitive information

12:01 - Scope who can contribute

13:37 - Manually create topics immediately

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