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May 4, 2021

Modernize your existing data at scale, and solve for operational efficiency with Azure SQL Managed Instance. Azure SQL MI is an intelligent, scalable, cloud database service and fully managed SQL server.

Nipun Sharma, lead data architect, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how the Australian subsidiary of large equipment manufacturer, Komatsu, built a scalable and proactive sales and inventory management and customer servicing model on top of Azure SQL Managed Instance to consolidate their legacy data estate on-premises. See what they did to expand their operational visibility and time to insights, including self-service reporting through integration with Power BI.


00:00 - Introduction

00:30 - Komatsu’s background

03:28 - Komatsu’s modernization path

04:12 - Consolidating data to one source

05:50 - Data migration and consolidation of 3 core systems

08:20 - Example reports

09:49 - Self-service reporting

11:17 - Built-in auto tuning

12:45 - What’s next for Komatsu?

13:45 - Wrap up

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