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Jan 6, 2022

Options for migrating and modernizing almost any workload as you move it to the cloud in Azure. The act of migration, whichever path you choose, whether infrastructure as a service or platform as a service, opens the door to the modernization of your workloads. The Azure Migrate experience is designed to be a central place to track your progress as you move to the cloud. Join Matt McSpirit, Microsoft Azure Senior Product Manager, as he shares essential things to know as you go down your migration and modernization path, along with real-world examples.

Numerous programs and tooling experiences for migration and modernization come together in the free Azure Migrate tool, as the hub for large-scale migration of your servers, databases, web apps, and even virtual desktop infrastructure. This includes streamlined discovery of the resources you want to migrate, assessment of their readiness for migration, along with the act of migration itself. Additionally, built-in extensibility with popular existing toolsets help to ease your learning curve.


00:00 - Introduction
01:05 - Virtual Machines
04:16 - Database migration
06:33 - Web app migration
08:07 - Wrap up

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