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Jul 27, 2021

Simplify your app authoring experience with the latest updates in Power Apps. The new modern app designer makes model-driven apps far more accessible and easier to build. Customize pages, then generate Power Fx formulas that write themselves when you specify what you want using natural language. Emma Cooper, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Power Apps, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how these updates make it easier to build apps and bring in advanced functionality with very low code.

Build your own model-driven apps:
Fully working app, no formulas or code building
Generate data already stored in Dataverse
Preview, then publish

Customize your apps:
Add custom pages
Build custom logic with Power Fx
Make apps available in Microsoft Teams

00:00 - Introduction
01:34 - Office Depot’s model-driven app
02:41 - How to build a model-driven app
04:58 - How to customize your app
06:44 - What is Power Fx?
09:56 - Make apps available in Teams
10:25 - Wrap up

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