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Sep 29, 2020

Find out what we're doing at Microsoft to sustainably operate our global data center footprint that runs Azure's global network. When you consume services hosted in Azure, you’ll benefit from measurable reductions in your organization’s carbon footprint. This is helpful if you need to meet specific regulatory carbon goals or want to be more efficient and environmentally responsible in the way you operate your compute infrastructure. In fact, studies show that Microsoft's cloud services are up to 93% more energy efficient and up to 98% more carbon efficient than data centers run on-premises. Matt McSpirit, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Azure, covers our approach to sustainability, as well as our research and development efforts in the areas of energy conservation and clean energy.


00:44 - Initial goal: carbon neutrality

01:31 - Next phase: become carbon negative

02:15 - Cooling

03:43 - Green backup

04:08 - Hydrogen-powered fuel cells

04:53 - Lithium-ion batteries

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See how Microsoft's sustainability efforts impact your own organization and explore the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator at

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