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Feb 9, 2021

Watch how to implement a serverless architecture in Azure from Azure SQL Database serverless to Azure container instances. Join solution provider Icertis and watch how they use serverless technology from Azure SQL Database serverless to give their customers a customizable, turnkey and scalable contract intelligence platform.

The Icertis Contract Intelligence (or ICI platform) is used by the world's most iconic brands and turns contracts from static documents into strategic advantage by structuring and connecting the critical contract information that defines how an organization runs. The ICI platform is hosted entirely in Azure, but now Icertis has gone to the next step of optimization by incorporating serverless technologies. Monish Darda, Chief Technology Officer for Icertis, joins host Jeremy Chapman to share the architecture of the Icertis platform using Azure SQL Database serverless.

Ideal for databases with intermittent usage patterns or extended periods of inactivity.

Just-in-time compute only runs as queries come in.

Set min-max ranges and define when you want the service to pause.

Billing is per second vs per hour using provision compute, reducing costs.

Azure Resource Manager template options:

Fully automated and you can integrate it with your current systems of record.

Start with single server architecture, then move to enterprise architecture as needed.

Add optional services, AI integration, or other SaaS apps.


00:00 - Introduction

01:38 - Architecture of the platform

03:38 - Why serverless?

04:06 - Transition from PaaS into serverless

06:02 - Query performance demonstrations

08:13 - Billing with serverless

08:34 - Azure Resource Manager template options

10:10 - What’s next for Icertis?

11:22 - Wrap up

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To learn more about Icertis Contract Intelligence platform, check out

Try the platform for yourself from the Azure marketplace at

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