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Oct 12, 2022

Lift and shift your confidential VM and container workloads to the cloud —without code changes— for higher levels of data protection. When combined with Azure's stringent attestation measurements, Zero Trust security and confidential computing provide the latest silicon level advances. See your options for data encryption and isolation, starting with the virtual machine layer, to containers running in the encrypted VM, and ultimately Azure Container Instances.

From the Azure confidential computing team, Michael McReynolds joins Jeremy Chapman to show how this collectively compares to other options, such as encryption, using application enclaves.

00:00 - Introduction
01:24 - Options for implementing confidential computing
03:12 - Types of attacks to protect against
04:00 - Confidential VM protections
05:56 - How to create Confidential VMs
08:01 - Container-based architecture advantages
09:38 - Azure Container Instances
11:23 - Wrap up

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