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Feb 24, 2022

Test the resilience of your apps by introducing faults to simulate real-world outages with Azure Chaos Studio. John Engel-Kemnetz, Senior Program Manager for Azure Chaos Studio, joins Jeremy Chapman to show how you can quickly identify failures in your applications —like additional load, high latency, permission issues, and full on outages— to avoid unnecessary downtime.

With Azure Chaos Studio, we've delivered a fully-managed experimentation platform to quickly discover hard-to-find issues. Whether in late-stage development or in production, you can apply controlled chaos to your apps and gather the information needed to resolve issues.

-Introduce faults to simulate the effects of a real-world outage
-Prevent outages to VM hosts, automatically redirect traffic to healthy VMs and zones
-Run resiliency experiments as part of your automated release process


00:00 - Introduction
01:27 - See how Azure Chaos Studio works
04:32 - Permission model
06:18 - How to prevent real-life outages
08:08 - Choose the right fault
09:18 - Automated release process
10:47 - Wrap up

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