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Jul 11, 2023

Automate manual steps to onboard and offboard users as they enter or leave your organization using Microsoft Entra. For onboarding, manage user identities, grant permissions to access necessary information, and provide users with what they need to be productive, such as computer hardware. As people leave the organization, deprovisioning is critical to maintain security and compliance. Lifecycle Workflows in Microsoft Entra ID Governance can help with pre-built templates for common tasks.

Microsoft Entra is a complete identity management platform with everything you knew about Azure Active Directory, along with new capabilities. Identity lifecycle management automation removes many of the manual steps of everyday identity management tasks. With Lifecycle Workflows, users experience more consistency for better job satisfaction and reduced risk. It works with HR systems, like Workday and SuccessFactors, as part of the onboarding and offboarding workflow.

Jeremy Chapman, Director of Microsoft 365, walks through Identity Lifecycle Management automation in Microsoft Entra.


00:00 - Introduction

01:28 - Automate employee onboarding

04:19 - Automate employee offboarding

05:41 - Workflow history

06:58 - Built-in change tracking for version history

08:30 - Wrap up

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