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Sep 27, 2021

As you migrate to the cloud, here's a walk-through of Azure options for app modernization, from the updates for the containerization of your apps to run in Azure Kubernetes Service, to running in the Azure App Service. We'll also show you updates to the Azure Migrate tool to help you discover and assess your .net apps at scale before migrating them fully to the managed Azure App Service. Matt McSpirit, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Azure, joins Jeremy Chapman to go deeper on how you can modernize your apps as you migrate them to Azure.

Target AKS or Azure App Service with the App Containerization tool in Azure Migrate
Know when to choose virtual machine lift-and-shift migration versus modernization with containers or Azure App
Service Server discovery in Azure Migrate can now use multiple local or domain credentials to inventory your servers


00:00 - Introduction
00:51 - Options to choose
02:40 - Latest updates- app containerization
06:21 - Azure App Service: custom containers and migration
08:24 - Configure
09:25 - Discovery
10:05 - Assessment
12:33 - Wrap up

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