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Jun 16, 2021

Take a look at the latest Microsoft hardware innovations in support of remote and hybrid work at home and in the office. Engineering leader, Branden Powell, joins Jeremy Chapman to show how the new Microsoft and Surface accessories deliver the best experience on Microsoft Teams.

All our accessories are made with premium materials, so they look great and are built to last. They're compact and lightweight to optimize your space, no matter where you're working from. We've prioritized all-day comfort and mobility, and everything is certified for use with Microsoft Teams to give you a great online meeting experience. The convergence of hardware plus software helps minimize meeting fatigue, so you can stay fresh and in the flow of your work.

The latest round of accessories is available today: Surface Headphones 2+ for Business, Modern USB, Modern Wireless Headsets, Modern USB-C Speaker, and the new Modern Webcam.

00:00 - Introduction
01:27 - Mobility
02:26 - Comfort
03:26 - Microsoft Teams button
04:08 - Mute button
06:20 - Dongle vs. Bluetooth
07:23 - Audio and video experiences
09:24 - Accessories work across platforms
10:09 - Wrap up

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