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Nov 10, 2020

Get insights into the productivity of your organization and receive tips to accelerate your digital transformation. Check out the new service Microsoft Productivity Score, now generally available. In this video, Jared Spataro, Microsoft CVP for Modern Work, joins Jeremy Chapman to demonstrate Microsoft Productivity Score and how it's used.


00:00 - Intro to Microsoft Productivity Score

01:45 - Demo of what the score is and Productivity Score home

03:38 - Communication category

04:47 - Meetings category

05:25 - Content collaboration category

06:38 - Teamwork category

07:25 - Mobility category

08:32 - Network connectivity category

09:28 - Microsoft 365 Apps health category

10:00 - Endpoint analytics category

11:14 - Where to get started with Microsoft Productivity Score

Microsoft 365 and the cloud constantly evolve and deliver new capabilities at scale to meet productivity needs. Microsoft Productivity Score is a tool that gives you one place for end-to-end visibility-- including insights, peer benchmarks, and actions that you can take to help your people be more productive using the technologies and services in Microsoft 365. It's designed for anyone focused on technology adoption for their organization.

You'll find Productivity Score in the Reports section of the Microsoft 365 admin center. Anyone with report reader role or higher privileges can access Productivity Score. Here you can see your score on a percentage scale and as in the Score Breakdown, it comprises both the People Experiences and Technology Experiences.

People Experiences include the measures for how the organization is working and Technology Experiences helps you understand how technology can better assist you in optimizing productivity.

In Productivity Score, we show where you are today, the trend over the last six months, and how you compare to peers in your industry. Looking at each category you'll find:

- Communication – so you see what modes people are using to communicate;

- Meetings – to see whether your online meetings follow best practices;

- Content Collaboration – to see how well people are working together using online files;

- Teamwork – to measure whether your people are working together using shared workspaces such as Teams;

- Mobility - to show you how your people are using their devices to work flexibly wherever they are,

- Endpoint Analytics - to look at how device hardware and software contribute to productivity;

- Microsoft 365 Apps health - to see if your Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are up-to-date and on supported servicing channels; and finally

- Network Connectivity - with tailored insights and actions to help improve connections to Microsoft cloud services


To get your productivity score and get started, go to

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