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Feb 7, 2024

Simplify endpoint management and security with a single, connected experience with the Microsoft Intune Suite. It brings you a broad collection of advanced cross-platform capabilities, with new improvements across application security, secure access to on-prem and private cloud resources, and device operations and support.

Enhance application security with Enterprise App Management to streamline deployment, updates, and protection against vulnerabilities. Run approved privileged apps with tailored elevation rules using Endpoint Privilege Management. Ensure secure access to on-prem and private cloud resources using Cloud PKI for streamlined certificate management and Microsoft Tunnel for MAM's Micro-VPN service for unenrolled devices. Gain insights and real-time device querying through advanced analytics. View and control your PCs and Macs, as well as specialized mobile devices, right from the Intune admin center with Remote Help.

Dilip Radhakrishnan, Partner, GPM for Microsoft Intune, give an overview of the Microsoft Intune Suite and its recent updates.


00:00 - Simplify endpoint management and security
01:38 - Enterprise App Management
02:21 - Updating apps
02:43 - Endpoint Privilege Management
03:45 - Securing access to on-prem resources with Cloud PKI
04:29 - Securing mobile access to on-prem and private cloud resources
05:05 - Advanced Analytics- Device query
06:48 - Remote Help
07:49 - Wrap Up

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