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Nov 22, 2023

Access quality data, wherever it resides, with Microsoft Fabric, our next generation managed data and analytics service. Make data accessible across your entire data estate, without having to integrate different sources or work across multiple toolsets. Check out new data mirroring capabilities and AI-powered Copilot experiences, from building data pipelines, to creating predictive models and generating Power BI reports.

Microsoft Fabric is a single, fully managed service, that helps you derive quality data from raw fragmented data by using built-in capabilities for data integration, data engineering and data warehousing, as well as for building data science models, real-time analytics, business intelligence, and real-time monitoring and alerts to trigger actions when your data changes.

Nellie Gustafsson, Microsoft Fabric’s Principal Product Manager, joins Jeremy Chapman to share all the updates.



00:00 - Access quality data across your entire data estate
01:00 - Single, fully managed service
03:18 - Data mirroring
05:29 - Cross-join and query data
06:48 - Copilot in Microsoft Fabric
08:06 - Build a machine learning model for predictive insights
09:47 - Use Copilot to generate Power BI reports
11:09 - Wrap up


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