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Aug 25, 2020

Take a look at the latest options for assessing and migrating your apps and their underlying code into Azure. Azure App Service allows you to bring code and containers straight into Azure and connect to integrated databases, whether those are on-premises or in Azure. In many cases, this is the easiest path to migrate your existing .NET apps into Azure. Join Jeremy Chapman, as he shows how to bring an app that you already have running on-premises into Azure App Service.

If you're new to Azure App Service, it's an HTTP-based service for hosting web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back-ends. It's flexible, so you can develop in your favorite language (such as .NET, .NET Core, Java, Node.js or Python), and the apps run on both Windows and Linux-based environments. Because they run on Azure, they can also auto-scale to meet any demand level and even sudden spikes. We take care of load balancing, automated OS patching, and faster version release. And you can take advantage of hybrid and DevOps capabilities, like Continuous Deployment and GitHub actions, as well as connecting to your on-prem resources via VNets, once your app is up and running.

Migrating .NET apps into Azure follows two primary steps:

• Assessment — Review all the technologies your app uses, and determine whether it can be hosted on Azure App Service.

• Migration — Migrate your code into Azure App Service, then move your app into production on Azure.

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